The 1st Theater Bloggers Social

Ken Davenport

Ken Davenport

I’d like to take a moment to do my part in getting the word out about the 1st Theater Bloggers Social that’s happening next week. Yes, you read that right. Broadway producer and theater blogger Ken Davenport has taken it upon himself to organize this gathering in the hopes of starting some long-term conversations about the state of our art (and the art we blog about), and maybe plant the seeds for some long-term change for the better throughout the industry.

For those of you who haven’t already, I suggest checking out Ken’s blog. He’s a damn fine blogger who doles out frequent helpings of common sense with inspiring regularity. And, having also met him in person, I can tell you he’s a gentleman, as well, and very smart. So, this ought to be an event worth making time for.

There will be ample time to schmooze and network with your fellow bloggers, tips from a bona fide blog consultant, free munchies, and free tickets to some Broadway shows that very night. (Yeah, Ken knows how to pull some strings…) Here are the pertinent details, straight from Ken’s initial event announcement:


Thursday, April 23rd.
6 PM – 8 PM
Planet Hollywood
Broadway at 45th St.

To RSVP, comment to this blog with your name and the URL of your blog. Confirmation and final details will be emailed to you. Oh, and to qualify as a “Theater Blogger”, you should:

  • Have a blog devoted primarily to theater
  • Post regularly
  • Be an independent blogger (not sponsored/paid to blog by any organization)

I mean, honestly people: how often do you meet up with your fellow bloggers in person? And how often does a Broadway producer invite you to his party? Need I say more?

If you meet the aforementioned criteria, you can RSVP directly to Ken here.


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