Tartuffe at The Pearl Theatre Company



Aside from the recent interviews here on the ol’ blog, I’ve mostly been in the bunker lately. Why? Because I’m trying to learn my lines for the show I’m doing.

Did you know I was doing a show? You didn’t?! Well, in that case, here’s the information. I’m understudying Off-Broadway, and it’s been good fun so far, but I’m learning how to work a whole different set of acting muscles.

If you’re a fan of the classics, you should definitely come check this out.  It’s going to be a nice, solid production. Here’s the info…

The Pearl Theatre Company presents

by Moliere
Translated by Richard Wilbur

Rachel Botchan, Robin Leslie Brown, Bradford Cover, Dominic Cuskern, T J Edwards, Julie Ferrell, Carrie McCrossen, Sean McNall, Kila Packett, John William Schiffbauer, Carol Schultz, and Kraig Swartz

(and understudies Michael Criscuolo, Andrea Day, Sharon Maguire, and Garth Wells McArdle)

Directed by Gus Kaikkonen
Sets: Harry Feiner
Costumes: Sam Fleming
Lights: Stephen Petrilli
Sound: M.L. Dogg
Stage Manager: Lisa Ledwich
Dramaturge: Kate Farrington

Tickets: $45-$55 (all previews $25)
Previews begin March 17th
Opening Night: March 30th
Tuesdays – Sundays until April 19th

For schedule and tickets call the Pearl box office at 212-598-9802 or go online at www.pearltheatre.org


2 Responses to Tartuffe at The Pearl Theatre Company

  1. Heather says:

    Do you get to perform as ensemble on the nights you aren’t understudying big roles? I’m seeing it (ushering) April 14th. Good luck with this!

  2. Heather, I’m not performing in the ensemble. Just strictly understudying. But most likely I will see you at the theater on the night you usher. I’m glad you’re gonna get to see it! Looking forward to seeing you then!

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