I’m a Person of the Year!

2008 People of the Year honoree nytheatre mike in "Babylon Babylon"

nytheatre mike - one of nytheatre.com's 2008 People of the Year - in "Babylon Babylon"

I’ve been a little slow in making the following announcement, but, in case you hadn’t already heard, I’ve been selected as one of nytheatre.com’s 2008 People of the Year! Very exciting, I have to say. The 15 annual honorees are chosen for “indelible contributions to the cultural landscape during the past 12 months,” and I’m glad somebody thought I made some. I was picked specifically for “a stream of successful performances this year that showcased his remarkable versatility.” And what performances were those, you ask? Here’s a recap…

My very special thanks to all of the writers, directors, and theater companies who asked me to be in their shows; and to all of my co-stars, who made me look good onstage. If it weren’t for all of you, no one would be thinking twice about me. So thank you, thank you, thank you for all of the opportunities this year.

And even more special thanks to Martin and Rochelle Denton at nytheatre.com, for their enduring and continued support of my career – and the careers of dozens/hundreds/thousands of other artistic folk like me and the other honorees. I shudder to think where we would all be without them.

Martin and I recently recorded an end-of-the-year podcast about the lucky honorees, which you can listen to here. It’s a good time, as always.

And who are some of the other honorees, you ask? Well, they happen to include many friends and colleagues, like…

Gyda Arber in "Babylon Babylon"

Gyda Arber in "Babylon Babylon"

  • Gyda Arber – director and co-star of Q & A: The Perception of Dawn; creator and co-writer of Suspicious Package; co-star of Babylon Babylon, Everything Must Go, and Lord Oxford Presents the Second American Revolution Live!; Outreach Director for The Brick Theater; and longtime nytheatre.com contributor
Arthur Aulisi in "Linus & Alora"

Arthur Aulisi in "Linus & Alora"

Tales from the Land of Ice!"

Ivanna Cullinan in "The Granduncle Quadrilogy: Tales from the Land of Ice!"

Bricken Sparacino

Bricken Sparacino

Adam Groves and Rebecca Benhayon in "Kansas City or Along the Way"

Adam Groves and Rebecca Benhayon in "Kansas City or Along the Way"

Many congratulations to all of this year’s honorees! As you can see, I am in very good company. If you haven’t checked any of them out yet, keep your eyes and ears open for them in 2009 – I’m sure they will all be just as busy!

And thanks again to Martin and Rochelle for the great honor. Consider the bar officially raised for me in 2009.


5 Responses to I’m a Person of the Year!

  1. Tim says:

    Congrats, buddy. Well deserved.

  2. Heather says:

    Hey Michael. Congratulations on being named a person of the year. KUDOS!! Best wishes for such a fruitful acting haul in 2009 as well. Great job!


  3. Zack Calhoon says:

    Congrats you talented bastard!

  4. Thanks for the support and congratulations, everybody!

    Tim: thanks for welcoming me to the club.

    Heather, Ken, and Zack: looking forward to seeing you all join the club in future years.
    : )

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