More Weekend Artsy-Fartsying Around

Vinnie Penna (center, seated) and friends in "Native Speech"

Vinnie Penna (center, seated) and friends in "Native Speech"

It was another arts-filled weekend for me and The Companion. On Friday night we took in Boomerang Theatre Company’s new revival of Native Speech by Eric Overmyer. Overmyer is one of my favorite contemporary playwrights. His plays are full of verbal gymnastics and offer no easy answers to the questions they raise. Native Speech is one of his more difficult creations, not easily accessible on any level. It’s particularly heavy on the wordplay and opaque about the story and theme. The Boomerangers do a commendable job in wrestling this one to the floor. Nice work by good pals Vinnie Penna (in one hell of a showcase role as Native Speech‘s leading man) and Alisha Spielmann, as usual. A challenging-in-the-good-way night of theater for any and all takers who are game.

Saturday night, The Companion and I were on to a much-needed night of moviegoing: Quantum of Solace. We’re both longtime Bond fans, and she’s got a thing for Daniel Craig, so this was a no-brainer. As usual, Bond did not disappoint, and Craig is once again impressive as 007. He is so ruthlessly tough and bloodthirsty it’s a little frightening. A refreshing take on the character that I like quite a lot. Good choice picking Marc Forster to direct the newest installment, as well. Along with Craig, he brings a welcome gravitas to the franchise. Nicely done, gents.

The bonus prize that went along with seeing Quantum of Solace was catching the new trailer for J.J. Abrams’ forthcoming Star Trek movie. HOLY SHIT DOES THIS LOOK AWESOME!!! You’ll have to forgive me, but I’m a fan of the original TV series. Loved most of the movies with the original cast, as well, so I have a lot of formative years invested in these characters. Glad to see the movie studio is starting over from before the beginning we all know and love. Looking forward to many more adventures with this bunch.


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