Weekend Recap

"Lord Oxford Brings You the Second American Revolution, Live!"

"Lord Oxford Brings You the Second American Revolution, Live!"

I saw a couple of friends’ shows this past weekend – great, lovely stuff that I feel compelled to draw your attention to…

First up was Robert Honeywell’s latest opus, Lord Oxford Brings You the Second American Revolution, Live!, out at The Brick. As I’ve previously stated for the record, I’m a big fan of Robert’s work. This latest show, while more experimental and rougher around the edges than the last two of his I’ve seen, is just as imaginative, challenging, and funny as anything Robert’s done. He loves to push the envelope and, boy, does it get pushed here. It you like your humor twisted, with some socio-political commentary on the side and a dash of musical theater thrown in for good measure, then check this show out. As usual, excellent performances from my friends Robert, Gyda Arber, Iracel Rivero, Alyssa Simon, Lynn Berg, and the scene-stealing Audrey Crabtree (who, on the night I attended, used my arm as a blanket and drank some of my water – nice). Kudos also to my buddy Moira Stone for flexing some impressive directorial muscles. These lads and lassies know how to do cutting edge meta-theater better than anybody else. Go see them.

The cast and creators of "(Not) Just a Day Like Any Other"

The cast and creators of "(Not) Just a Day Like Any Other"

I also caught the latest offering from the New York Neo-Futurists, (Not) Just a Day Like Any Other, co-written and performed by my friend Kevin R. Free. This is a funny and touching show about a day that stands out, for whatever reason, in the lives of each of the four performers. It’s autobiographical documentary theater with a meta twist to it. Good stuff. Some of the stories are sad, others are funny, all are viscerally engaging as these four Neo-Futurists – Kevin, Christopher Borg, Eevin Hartsough, and Jeffrey Cranor – let it all hang out. You will laugh, you will cry, it will become a part of you (and I sincerely mean that). Plus, there are free margaritas and free food. Highly recommended.

Both shows only run until next Saturday, so get your collective butts in gear.

In other news, the Byron Invented Boredom shoot on Saturday went well. Got to throw a guy over a banquette in a faux-bar fight at The Lazy Catfish in Williamsburg. Good fun. Nice work by director Danny Bowes and our cinematographer, the unflappable Bryan Enk. Shooting continues on Wednesday night when I get to film my first ever – gulp! – on-screen sex scene. With a 19-year old girl. (Did I really agree to do that? Does my girlfriend still read this blog? Hi, honey!)

And the voiceover recording for Piper McKenzie’s Granduncle Quadrilogy went swimmingly last night. Jeff Lewonczyk and Hope Cartelli had the troops out in force: Danny, Iracel, Art Wallace, V. Orion Waterman, Roger Nasser, Richard Harrington, Maggie Cino, and Heather Lee Rogers were all on hand. Audio wizard Eric Winick turned all the right knobs to make us sound fabulous. ‘Twas a kooky little bit they made us do that I’m looking forward to seeing in context. (Hint: there’s ceremonial chanting involved.)

Oh, I almost forgot – this weekend I also got inducted into a very special society: The Masons of The Brick. Of course, I can’t tell you anything more about who they are or what they do, or else I’ll get paddled. Again.


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