Random Friday Pitchforks

"The Pitchfork 500"

"The Pitchfork 500"

 I was having dinner with The Companion earlier this week, talking about the ol’ blog, and I asked her what kind of stuff she’d like to see me write about on here. Her response? She wanted to see me talk more about my writing process. She meant reviews, specifically, but I initially thought she meant fiction and plays (both of which I’m giving another go these days). Both seemed like a good idea, and we had a good long talk about it. She’s an inspiration, that one, so I’ll be writing about…well, writing here on the ol’ blog at some point in the near future.

But our talk got me thinking even further: what would you, dear reader, like to see on here? Any requests? Let your voices be heard.

Last year, in prophetic anticipation of the sudden creeping death of arts journalism, a very wise friend of mine advised me to branch out in my writing – to write other things besides theater reviews, to cover more topics than just theater. It was good advice then, and it’s definitely good advice now.

And with that, I bring back a feature that’s been missing from these parts for a while: the Random Friday Top 10. This week’s list is inspired by the new book, The Pitchfork 500, in which the good folks at pitchforkmedia.com pick their favorite 500 songs from 1977 (the beginning of the punk era) to the present. It’s a nice little edition for those of you who are into such things. As with all such books it’s highly subjective. But any book that picks Duran Duran’s “The Chauffeur” and “(Don’t You) Forget About Me” by Simple Minds as two of those 500 can’t be all bad in my estimation.

So this week’s Random Friday Top 10 is a brief list of just a few songs that would make my own personal 500 Best of All-Time List. (Special thanks to my iPod for this one. These ten songs always seem to be on it.) Here we go, in alphabetical order…

  • Chemical Brothers: “Block Rockin’ Beats” (1997)
  • Eric B. & Rakim: “Follow the Leader” (1988)
  • Fleetwood Mac: “Hold Me” (1982)
  • Judas Priest: “Living After Midnight” (1980)
  • Juliana Hatfield: “Backseat” (1998)
  • Pretenders: “Middle of the Road” (1983)
  • Prince and the Revolution: “Raspberry Beret” (1985)
  • Talking Heads: “Life During Wartime” (Live) (1984)
  • The Rolling Stones: “Start Me Up” (1981)
  • XTC: “The Mayor of Simpleton” (1989)

Thoughts, comments, questions? Direct them this way.


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