Martin Denton is Full of Surprises

Martin Denton

Martin Denton

Martin Denton never fails to surprise me – just take a look at his responses to the meme I tagged him on yesterday. That he answered it all was a pleasant surprise, as memes are not usually his thing. But I appreciate him getting into the spirit of it and indulging in a rare display of public disclosure. Especially since I learned a few things about him I didn’t know.

6th grade Snoopy?

Rudy Vallee’s autograph?

A Jeopardy! tryout?

This is too good to pass up, people. Take a moment and get to know your favorite theater reviewer a little bit better. You’ll be glad you did.

And thanks to you, Martin, for putting it all out there!


2 Responses to Martin Denton is Full of Surprises

  1. Joni Hilton says:

    I was reading a Dramatist’s Guild magazine article about Martin Denton’s “Plays and Playwrights” series, and wonder if I could get a couple of my prizewinning plays in his next edition. Please send me info about how to apply. Thank you very much, Joni Hilton

  2. Joni Hilton says:

    Could you send me info about applying to have my prize winning plays including in the next “Plays and Playwrights” edition (Denton) ? Thanks, Joni Hilton

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