nytheatre mike is in the Air Tonight

For all you night owls out there, give a listen to WPAT 930 AM on your radio dial tonight. I’m going to be interviewed by my good friend and colleague Paul Newport LIVE, on the air, circa 1:45am. Yes, I know: very late. For me, too. But this is one of those proverbial offers I couldn’t refuse. Paul is the host of WPAT’s weekly theater broadcast, “Acting Up,” which airs Monday nights/Tuesday mornings at 1:30am. Last week Paul’s guests included Robert Lyons, artistic director of the Ohio Theater, and Gabriella Barnstone, director of Heistman, which is playing this year’s Ice Factory Festival. So you know the broadcast is for real, people.

What are we going to talk about, you ask? Well, my new show, As You Like It, for one thing. And to quote Paul: “We will also talk about YOU.  You’re like a quadruple threat.  We’ll talk about nytheatre.com, your past shows, your upcoming shows, your grapefruit-size testicles.” (That last part is an inside joke, a reference to a show he and I did together last summer: Kevin Doyle’s FOX(y) Friends at The Brick Theater’s Pretentious Festival.)

Anyway, it sounds as if a good time will be had by all tonight. So, if you happen to be up – can’t sleep, you’re an insomniac, you’re still out drinking, etc. – please do tune in on your radio dial or on the internet and give us a listen. This is a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence (that is, until the next time we do it).

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