There’s No Clock in the Forest

Boomerang Theatre Company's "As You Like It"

Boomerang Theatre Company's "As You Like It"

It’s been a light week for posting here on the ol’ blog. That’s because I’ve been knee-deep in “tech” rehearsals for my latest show, which is performed outdoors in Central Park. And, as Shakespeare so wisely pointed out, “There’s no clock in the forest.” Which is just another way of saying: the week has just zipped right on by.

Speaking of my latest show, you should come see it. It’s FREE, it’s outdoors, and it’s Shakespeare (which means it’s a pretty well established classic). And, as usual, I’m part of a terrific cast. I promise we’ll put a smile on your face while you have a rustic picnic or drink beer out of a paper bag. Here are the details…

Boomerang Theatre Company presents
As You Like It by William Shakespeare
Directed by Matt Johnston

Starring Rebecca Comtois, Michael Criscuolo, Jessi Gotta, John Greenleaf, R. Paul Hamilton, Brian Moore, Eli Schneider, Maria Silverman, Alisha Spielmann, Christian Toth, Matthew Trumbull, and Scott Williams

Performed FREE and outdoors in Central Park (enter at West 69th Street and Central Park West)

Saturdays and Sundays at 2pm, July 19th – August 10th

Rosalind is banished and dressed as a boy. Orlando is on the run but smitten by a girl he saw fleetingly at court. Phebe is in love with Rosalind’s male persona. Touchstone is in love with Audrey the milkmaid. Audrey…well, she’s none too bright. But that’s okay, because Celia is in love with bad boy Oliver. And among all this lovin’, Jaques wants none of it. Shakespeare’s beloved play about the power and verity of amour, presented free and out of doors in lovely Central Park!

That’s all the news that’s fit to print for today. Off to do some last-minute show stuff before tonight’s final dress. Wish me luck and have a Happy Friday, everybody!

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