I’m an Award Winning Actor Now

The Perception of Dawn

That’s right. As of last night I am an Award Winning Actor. At The Film Festival Closing Night Awards Ceremony, the folks at The Brick Theater were kind enough to bestow acting honors upon me for my performance in Q & A: The Perception of Dawn.

The specific award I won was Best Performance by a Theater Critic.

Damn right, Loretta.

I thanked the assembled drunken sundry at last night’s gala for recognizing my dominance as both a critic and a performer, especially since I should’ve won this award at last year’s Pretentious Festival. (That’s right: I said it.)

Then I continued my phone conversation. I was on the phone with The Companion when I won, so I made my acceptance speech while talking to her. It was appropriately obnoxious, I thought. My Q & A castmate Jorge Cordova told me he wept like a proud mother when I won. So I couldn’t have been too obnoxious, right? (I’m sure some home video of this will surface at some point. Then you can decide for yourself.)

(By the way: The Brick now has its very own blog and YouTube channel, both of which you should probably be looking at. So hop to it.)


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