My Sister Continues to Rock the House

Carla Criscuolo

Some of you may remember reading about my younger sister Carla in April, when I proudly bragged that she had become a published poet. Well, now I’m here to brag on her some more.

Since April, Carla has had a whirlwind of writerly triumphs. In May, she got a second poem published in the online journal, The Blue Jew Yorker. (This one was so powerful, in fact, that it caused The Companion to weep right there at her desk at work. Just warnin’ ya, people.) Then, she found out that a third poem had been accepted for future publication in the print journal, Main Channel Voices. Hot stuff!

And, if that weren’t enough, this month Carla found out that a fourth poem of hers had been accepted by another print publication called Cause & Effect. Poem # 4 will be published in their August issue.

So, as you can see, Carla continues to rock the house. Her time has come and now the world will finally learn the truth about Carla’s writerly dominance!

Congratulations to you again, sis! You have earned these successes and make the rest of us Criscuolos very, very proud!



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