reasons to be pretty Review

reasons to be pretty

Last week I had the opportunity to go see Neil LaBute‘s newest play, reasons to be pretty, at the Lucille Lortel Theatre. I’m a big fan of LaBute’s, and always enjoy going to see his stuff. As usual, I was not disappointed. Both the author and MCC Theater (where LaBute is playwright-in-residence) deliver the goods yet again. Here’s the opening paragraph of my review for

Late in Act II of Neil LaBute’s terrific new play, reasons to be pretty, Greg, the hapless protagonist, laments, ‘Oh God, I never say the right thing.’ Which is funny considering the scandalously inappropriate things the author’s characters have said over the years. As often as LaBute has ruffled audience feathers, it’s only because he speaks uncomfortable truths. In that regard, reasons to be pretty is no different from his other works. This time he faces up to those truths himself.”

You can read the rest of my review here.

If you’re interested in reading what else I’ve written about LaBute previously, you can check out this, this, and this. Enjoy.


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