Dispatch From the Babylonian Trenches

Babylonian Ultra-Violence

I could sit here and tell you all about everything that’s been going on lately – tons of rehearsals and preview performances for Babylon Babylon. But instead of getting into the particulars of all the many changes we’ve been making over the past week (all for the better, I should add), I thought I’d just show you what we’ve been up to. Come see the show and you’ll get much, much more. (Photos courtesy of Ken Stein and Ian W. Hill.)

Lily Burd and Elizabeth Hope Williams

It’s our official opening tonight, and I’m very excited. We have a sold out house and an after-party to follow. The Companion will be in attendance, and will finally get to see with her own two eyes this crazy show I’ve been telling her about for the last two months.

Babylonians in Peril

I’ve been outside in the beautiful weather for a good part of the day, and I can’t imagine a more perfect day for an opening. And especially for this show. Working on this project has been such a rewarding experience for me on so many levels – the artistic challenge of it, the opportunity to work with so many friends and colleagues whose work I’ve admired forever – and I am so goddamn proud to be a part of it I can’t even begin to tell you.

Hope Cartelli

Now, since I was such a slacker last week, I’ve got a double dose of the Random Friday Top 10 for you all. Here’s Part 1, courtesy of my current iTunes “Springtime 2008” playlist…

  • “Comfortably Numb” (Live Edit) – Van Morrison & Roger Waters (Van Morrison – The Movie Hits)
  • “Frank & Ava” – Suzanne Vega (Beauty & Crime)
  • “Goodbye Daughters of the Revolution” – The Black Crowes (Warpaint)
  • “Stay With Me” – Faces (A Nod is as Good as a Wink…to a Blind Horse)
  • “O.P.P.” – Naughty by Nature (Naughty by Nature)
  • “Main Theme from Silverado” – Bruce Broughton (The Wild West – The Essential Western Film Music Collection)
  • “Angela (Theme From Taxi)” – Bob James (The Genie)
  • “Crazy Train” – Ozzy Osbourne (Blizzard of Ozz)
  • “Why Have They Gone” – Starcastle (Citadel)
  • “North Bronx French Marie” – Stew (The Naked Dutch Painter…and Other Songs)

Marisa Marquez and Fred Backus

And now for Part 2, from the same said playlist…

  • “Angry Young Man” (Live) – Billy Joel (12 Gardens Live)
  • “Amoreena” (Live) – Elton John (11-17-70)
  • “Goin’ Crazy” – David Lee Roth (Eat ‘Em and Smile)
  • “Dance, Pt. 1” – The Rolling Stones (Emotional Rescue)
  • “Way Down Now” – World Party (Goodbye Jumbo)
  • “Overture” – Andrew Lloyd Webber (Jesus Christ Superstar)
  • “Watching the Wheels” – John Lennon (Double Fantasy)
  • “Luka” – Suzanne Vega (Solitude Standing)
  • “The Bridge is Over” – Boogie Down Productions (Criminal Minded)
  • “Peace Attack” – Sonic Youth (Sonic Nurse)

nytheatre mike

And one more bonus track for good measure…

  • “Age of Consent” – New Order (Power, Corruption and Lies)

Happy Friday, everyone. Welcome to Spring. Get outside and take a walk around the block. Or come see my show. (Speaking of which: I have to go put my eyeliner on. ‘Scuse me…)

Adrian Jevicki and the Babylonians


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