Henceforth Into Babylon We Go…

Crazy Babylonian Projections

Babylonian Ultra-Violence

And so it is finally upon us: the beginning of previews for Babylon Babylon, which start tomorrow night. It has been an exhilarating and breakneck couple of weeks for all of us, integrating all the show’s many different aspects, working out fine details, making ruthless-but-helpful script cuts (nearly 25 pages went out the window a couple of days ago), etc. I’m pretty confident that the finished product will be as streamlined, audacious, and inspired a piece of fervent spectacular lunacy as you will ever see. (Please refer yourself to the photos above for glimpses of our crazy projections and our ultra-violent battle royale.)

Don’t take my word for it, either: Time Out New York just picked us one of only four Off-Off Broadway events to see this Spring season. Those guys have good taste.

In other words: if you only trek out to Brooklyn to see one show this year, make it this one. Here, once again, are the details…

Piper McKenzie Productions and The Brick Theater present
(Undoubtedly the most arrogant, grandiose theater project ever attempted! You will be blinded by its magnificence!)
Experience the Fall of Ancient Civilization in an intimate Brooklyn performance space as a cast of dozens recreates the Temple of Ishtar, home of ritual prostitution, gyrating priestesses, doomsday prophets, grasping plutocrats, undercover lovers, displaced Jews, seekers of bloody vengeance, invading Persians, and a lion.
Written and Directed by Jeff Lewonczyk
Created with and Starring
Gyda Arber, Fred Backus, Aaron Baker, Ali Skye Bennet, Eric Bland, Danny Bowes, Katie Brack, Lily Burd, Michele Carlo, Hope Cartelli, Maggie Cino, Michael Criscuolo, V. Orion Delwaterman, Siobhan Doherty, Marguerite French, Melina Gac-Artigas, Adrian Jevicki, Gavin Starr Kendall, Kamran Khan, Angela Lewonczyk, Jeff Lewonczyk, Toya Lillard, Marisa Marquez, Roger Nasser, Robert Pinnock, Robin Reed, Iracel Rivero, Heather Lee Rogers, Adam Swiderski, Elizabeth Hope Williams, and Rasha Zamamiri
Choreographer: Amantha May
Fight Director: Qui Nguyen
Assistant Director: Jessica McVea
Stage Manager: Lindsay Vrab
Costume Designer: Julianne Kroboth
Lighting Designer: Ian W. Hill
Video Designer: Jason Robert Bell
Technical Advisor: Chris Connolly
OPEN REHEARSAL: Fri. 4/11 at 8pm – FREE! (just show up and walk in)
PREVIEWS: Sat. 4/12 and Thu. 4/17 at 8pm – $5
OPENING NIGHT with Wine Reception Afterwards: Fri. 4/18 at 8pm – $25
PERFORMANCES: Thu-Sat, 4/19-5/10 at 8pm – $15
At The Brick Theater
575 Metropolitan Avenue
Williamsburg, Brooklyn (L train to Lorimer Street, G train to Metropolitan Avenue)
Tickets are available online at www.theatermania.com, or by phone at 212-352-3101

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