Evolution of a Performance

Over the past few weeks, as I’ve worked on piecing together my performance for Babylon Babylon, I’ve gone through several changes regarding who exactly to base my character on, emotionally and tempermentally speaking. At first, I thought this fellow might be a good choice…

Then, as I went along, I thought maybe this guy might be a better choice…

George W. Bush and friend

Last week, after struggling with both ideas, I had some illuminating breakthroughs about my performance and thought that maybe this guy might be the way to go…

Finally, it occurred to me this week that in order for the whole thing to be successful, I would have to put this guy into the mix more than anyone else…

That’s the thing that still amazes and challenges me about acting – and the thing I still need to keep reminding myself of: no matter how much you try to transform yourself, you still have to put as much of yourself into your performance as you can in order to make the damn thing work. There’s ultimately no hiding who you are in acting.



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