Party With the Babylonians After Work on Monday

Hope Cartelli in “Babylon Babylon”

You like that picture? That’s Hope Cartelli, co-artistic director of Piper McKenzie Productions and co-star of their next opus, Babylon Babylon. In fact, that’s the main marketing image for all the show’s publicity materials. Not bad, huh? Yeah, I thought it was pretty sweet, too.

I mention this because we’re having a Babylon Babylon fundraising party this coming Monday, and you should all come. There will be hookahs, bellydancing, dance lessons, special musical performances, and a teaser film – all for a mere $10. You will undoubtedly be supporting a good cause: a theatrical production that bills itself as “the most arrogant, grandiose theater project ever attempted!” Tell me you have something better to do after work on Monday – I dare you. Here are the details…

Come support the destruction of Ancient Civilization at
The First Ever Babylon Babylon Fundraising Fete!

to be held at…

Kush Lounge
191 Chrystie Street (in Manhattan)
Monday, March 31
7pm to 9pm

A mere $10 gets you all of the following:

Drink Specials!
1/2 Price Hookahs!
Little Tchotchkes!
and Performances such as…

Bellydance by Babylon Babylon‘s illustrious choreographer Amantha May!
Co-star Adam Swiderski‘s painfully earnest singer-songwritery goodness!
The inimitable Cousin Hubie and that musical stuff he does!
A Middle Eastern dance lesson from co-star Rasha Zamamiri!
A special musical appearance by Bill “the Yeti” Yetison
And, the pre-YouTube World Premiere of the Babylon Babylon Coming Attraction Promo Trailer Film Teaser!

AND MORE!!!(!)!!

(are you excited yet?)

All proceeds go directly to the ever-mounting production costs of maintaining a thriving mercantile/religious/political metropolitan center on the eve of its spectacular downfall. So come hang with us before we all die in a gruesome, wince-inducing manner or are enslaved in humiliating lifelong surfdom. (What else could you possibly be doing on a Monday night?)


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