Random Friday Nonsense

Gita Reddy and nytheatre mike 

It’s Friday, which means the end of another long work week. It also means some Random Friday Nonsense. But before I get to that allow me to direct you to the newest “Indie Theater Life” podcast on nytheatre.com, in which I interview actor-director-theatrical Renaissance person, Gita Reddy. Yet another swell conversation, even if I do say so myself, and one that you should all listen to.

Now on to the nonsense portion of the day. No music access today, so I’m totally making this part up. Um, okay…Top 10 Songs Randomly Picked From Albums I Loved In High School. Here we go:

  • “Slow Turning” – John Hiatt (Slow Turning)
  • “Scarecrow People” XTC (Oranges and Lemons)
  • “Black Steel in the Hour of Chaos” – Public Enemy (It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back)
  • “Eye Know” – De La Soul (3 Feet High and Rising)
  • “Housequake” – Prince (Sign ‘o’ the Times)
  • “We’ll Be Together” – Sting (…Nothing Like the Sun)
  • “Tunnel of Love” – Bruce Springsteen (Tunnel of Love)
  • “Hotdogs and Hamburgers” – John Cougar Mellencamp (The Lonesome Jubilee)
  • “Peter Piper” – Run-DMC (Raising Hell)
  • “Paul Revere” – Beastie Boys (Licensed to Ill)

Now that I’ve completely dated myself, let me throw in an 11th song just for shits and giggles:

  • “Shakin Shakin Shakes” – Los Lobos (By the Light of the Moon)

LOVED that song back in the day.

And on that nostalgic note, allow me to wish you all a wonderfully fantastic weekend. Keep it real, everybody.


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