Living My Life

Henry Rollins 

You may have noticed my absence on here the last couple of weeks. Sorry for the disappearing act. A convergence of recent events have kept me occupied. Here’s the abridged version:

  • First and foremost, I was sick. Food poisoning, stomach virus, Montezuma’s Revenge – I don’t know what it was, but it kept me down for at least a week. Yuck.
  • The usual spate of 3800 Elizabeth rehearsals and performances. We’ve done two more episodes since I last checked in: the rerun of Episode 1, with the wonderful Hope Cartelli filling in for the absent Iracel; and Episode 4, featuring super-duper guest stars Gyda Arber and Bryan Enk.
  • A blistering couple of weeks at the day job. Slammed with so many last-minute must-get-done-right-away projects by the higher-ups I couldn’t even consider logging on and tossing up a quick post or two (especially not after my boss had a closed-door sit-down with me about excessive time spent on the internet – damn!).
  • An unusually busy social calendar. Just last week alone, The Companion and I had dinner with an old friend, went to the movies (Juno, which I liked and thought was very sweet), saw a “concert” (Henry Rollins at Warsaw – awesome!), and attended an opening (Adding Machine at the Minetta Lane, which I did not like at all – can anyone explain the appeal of this one to me?)
  • I started rehearsals for yet another show, and this one promises to be unlike anything I’ve ever done before – and perhaps anything you’ve ever seen before. More details to follow soon, but for now you can find out a little something about it here. The show also has its very own blog on WordPress, which you can read right here.

In other words: I’ve just been living my life. It’s all good, for the most part, and I’m really happy about where I’m at these days, both personally and professionally.

I’d also like to weigh in with a belated welcome to the newest member of the blogosphere, none other than Mr. Entertainment himself, Trav S.D. No doubt his will be a pithy and welcome addition to Theater Blog Nation.


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