Hunting and Gathering Review

Hunting and Gathering

My long overdue review of Brooke Berman’s new comedy, Hunting and Gathering – now playing at 59E59, courtesy of Primary Stages – has just been posted on

Playwright Brooke Berman charmingly chronicles the trials and tribulations of transient New York thirtysomethings in her new comedy, Hunting and Gathering. Her protagonists spend life on the run, hopping from one sublet to the next, holding down multiple jobs to make ends meet, and trying to make meaningful connections in between. One character claims to make ‘transience an art project.’ That’s the playful, unpredictable, and somewhat melancholy essence of Berman’s play, which may wind up being as epochal about present-day New York as Woody Allen’s Manhattan—a film referenced often here—was about the New York of the 1970s.”

Check out the rest here, yo.


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