The Search for Bobby Fischer Ends

The temp job is keeping me busy today, so I’ll have to make this brief.

First, I’ll start with this week’s Random Friday Top 10. I have to admit I’m cheating a little bit: I can’t listen to music here at work, so the Top 10 was culled from my Pandora Quick Mix two nights ago. Here it is:

  • “Precious Illusions” – Alanis Morrissette (Under Rug Swept)
  • “Air” – Ben Folds (Godzilla soundtrack album)
  • “Pisces Apple Lady” – Leon Russell (Leon Russell)
  • “Hang Low” – Momus (Ocky Milk)
  • “Drown Them Out” – Viva Voce (Get Yr Blood Sucked Out)
  • “Severed Head” – Pearl Jam (Pearl Jam)
  • “The Morning Sad” – Veruca Salt (Eight Arms to Hold You)
  • “Sheep” – Pink Floyd (Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd)
  • “Rinse” – Vanessa Carlton (Be Not Nobody)
  • “Slow Like Honey” – Fiona Apple (Tidal)

Elsewhere, there’s word out of Iceland this morning that the sports world has lost one of its most bizarre, elusive, enigmatic, and legendary figures: Bobby Fischer. If the game of chess could boast a maverick outlaw, then Fischer was that guy. A jaw-droppingly non-linear life and career that, to my mind, is ripe for some sort of dramatic or literary rendering. Until that happens, you can rent this movie. It’s a freaking classic.


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