More Coming Attractions From People I Know

Quickly, here are just a pair of upcoming shows (as in, this weekend only) from people I know. Check it:

  • The Gospel According to Jack Vitrolo: my 365 Days/365 Plays castmate Sophie Nimmannit is featured in Kameron Steele’s “scathing critique of modern medicine,” as the press release puts it. The author is an acolyte of both Tadashi Suzuki and Robert Wilson, and the producing company – The South Wing – is known for “its trademark neo-expressionist style.” This show happens at 8:30pm, January 10-12, at HERE Arts Center’s Culturemart.
  • In the Heart of a Chinese Curse: LIVE Theater Company presents their latest collaborative work-in-progress, a “movement theatre piece that focuses on the actors’ physical relationships with each other and with the performance space.” Text is by playwright Chance Muehleck, with direction by Melanie S. Armer (Cardium Mechanicum’s Scout’s Honor).  The cast features Reyna de Courcy (The Commission), Karen Greneke (The Blue Puppies Cycle, Wuthering High), and the terrific Stacia French (Macbeth Without Words, Kiss Me, Succubus). If you’ve never seen Stacia before, you might want to check this out – she’s one of the very best actors in town. Period. This goes up at Dixon Place, January 11 and 12 at 8pm.

4 Responses to More Coming Attractions From People I Know

  1. C. Muehleck says:

    Many thanks for the plug. I should also add that we share a bill with Alethea Adsitt & Co. (

  2. You’re most welcome, sir. And your addendum is duly noted. Many thanks for that!

  3. S'Nimm says:

    Hey-ya, thank you for including Gospel. I’ll be sure to notify you of everything now, for sure. A little disorienting to see this, as I was in an earlier incarnation of Chinese Curse!

  4. nytheatremike says:

    You’re welcome, Soph! Yeah, let me know about your upcoming stuff. And yeah: I saw you were a previous incarnation of “Chinese Curse.” Ah, the internet is a wonderful tool!

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