nytheatre mike 2.0

Hi there. Welcome to the first posting of my new and improved blog. If you’ve found your way here from my old blog, then you kind of know what’s going on. If you’ve discovered me some other way, then allow me to briefly explain: this here blog was previously hosted by the good folks over at nytheatre.com, but now I’ve decided to take it solo at this location. All of the content from the old blog has been imported to this one, and I’ll be adding more stuff to it frequently.

In my very first blog post, back in April, I wrote about all the things this blog would try to do and everything it would definitely not attempt. Now I’d like to make some expansive amendments to my original thoughts. The first new rule of the new blog is that there are no rules. Naturally, I’ll continue to write about theater, but I’ll also be writing about movies, music, literature, sports, and whatever else tickles my fancy. That also includes some other topics I originally said would be off-limits: “theater gossip, world politics, current events, ragging on other critics, and disclosures about my personal life.” Like I said: no rules.

Otherwise, I’ll probably be futzing around with the general look and layout of the blog from time to time. So if you notice that everything changes color and font every now and then, please do not be alarmed. It’s just me having some fun and figuring out what I like.

Having said all that, I’d like to start off with a blogosphere favorite – a random Wednesday night Top 10, courtesy of my Pandora QuickMix:

  • “Homeworld (The Ladder)” – Yes
  • “Wishlist” – Pearl Jam
  • “She Will Have Her Way” – Neil Finn
  • “Our Swords” – Band of Horses
  • “I Ain’t the One” – Lynyrd Skynyrd
  • “Cold Cold Cold” – Dr. John
  • “20 Years of Snow” – Regina Spektor
  • “Free Hand” – Gentle Giant
  • “Fire” (Live) – Bruce Springsteen
  • “Hang Fire” – The Rolling Stones

Thanks in advance for reading and for your support of the new blog. More to come soon.


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