NYTE Alumni Playwrights Continue To Make A Splash

It’s been a good week for NYTE’s alumni playwrights, and it just keeps on getting better. New York Press‘s “The Best of Everything 2007” issue, which hit the street yesterday, gave a shout-out to both Plays and Playwrights 2007 alum Taylor Mac (for “Best Use of Glitter and a Ukelele to Tell a Story”) and Stolen Chair Theatre Company (for “Best Genre-Bending Nonprofit Theater” – their co-founder, co-artistic director, and resident playwright, Kiran Rikye, wrote The Man Who Laughs, which was published in the NYTE anthology, Playing With Canons).

Once again, my congratulations go out to our fantastic alumni playwrights. Kiran and the rest of the Stolen Chair gang deserve all the kudos they’ve been receiving over the past couple of seasons. And, with the kind of recognition Taylor is finally getting, it probably won’t be long now before he’s an even more permanent fixture on the New York theatre landscape. Bravo, everybody – take a bow!

Kiran spoke to me about The Man Who Laughs last November, which you can read all about here. And, I once again divert your attention to my interview with Taylor about his play, Red Tide Blooming.

(Don’t forget that you can keep track of all our alumni playwrights in the Plays and Playwrights blog. Honestly, there is some good stuff over there, and the playwrights always have something going on that you’ll probably want to know about. So check it out!)


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