More Nude Blogging

Another determinant that played a part in my decision to get unclad onstage (and one that I forgot to mention in my previous post) was the fact that the context would not be sexual: I won’t be parading around up there with a fellow cast member and pretending to get freaky. Instead, I will be flying solo and the circumstances will be a bit more macabre.

That was actually a really important factor for me. I don’t know how comfortable I’d feel feigning intimacy (or animalistic lust), bare-skinned with someone else, in front of a packed house. Talk about vulnerable. Doing what I’m doing already feels vulnerable enough without adding another actor to the mix. I’m baby-stepping my way into this whole nudity thing.

As for the reluctance my friends previously displayed at the possibility of seeing me in the buff: it has vanished. Pretty much every person I’ve told about my new endeavor has greeted it with an exclamation along the lines of, “Dude, I am SO THERE!” What a difference several months makes.

As for my family…well, there’s a little more ambivalence there. My mother and younger sister, two of my staunchest supporters, remain undecided about whether or not they will attend. My father and stepmother, on the other hand, are flying in from out of town to catch this one. WTF?!


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