Pretentious Finale

Some of’s contributors and related personnel, both past and present, made a big splash at the Pretentious Festival’s closing night awards ceremony this past weekend. Alumni contributor Jeff Lewonczyk emceed a supremely raucous and tongue-in-cheek event that bubbled over with shenanigans.  These were some of the highlights:

The coup d’etat came when Brick regulars Aaron Baker, Bryan Enk, and Stacia French were given the award for Master of the Bard (they all appeared in two of the festival’s three Shakespeare productions – Ian W. Hill’s Hamlet and Macbeth Without Words), then called fellow Brick-er Christiaan Koop and yours truly onstage to help them with their acceptance speech, which turned out to be nothing less than an abridged performance of Julius Caesar (perhaps the only chance I’ll ever get to play Mark Anthony, so I took it).

Seriously, though: congratulations to all of my award-winning friends and colleagues here at HQ. Well done, people! Let’s all take a bow and do it again next year.


2 Responses to Pretentious Finale

  1. freeman says:

    I fully identify that “An Interview with the Author” was extended in order to be used for ridicule. Nonetheless, I shall appear, and take my lumps.

  2. Good of you to take your lumps like that, Matt. That’ll show all your pretentious hecklers.

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