Fundraiser Follow-Up: Impetuous Theater Group

Today I’d like to briefly check back in with Josh Sherman and the gang at Impetuous Theater Group. You may recall that they had a fundraiser last month for their new show, The Chronological Secrets of Tim by Janet Zarecor. Since then, I’ve been wondering how everything went. I assumed it all went fine because their show is opening this week, but I thought I’d follow up with Josh just to make sure. 

When I reached Josh, he was “knee-deep in Tim,” as he put it, but still had a moment to spare for the following status report on Airplane! The Fundraiser!:

We definitely met our goals and more with our fundraiser – we found that by having a suggested donation people were more inclined to give more than we anticipated. Artistically, we felt that we did great considering our crazy-short rehearsal period. And in terms of attendance, we had to cut off ticket sales because we ran out of space (although I think we squeezed almost everyone in).

I figured everything turned out fine, what with the show opening and all. How great that the fundraiser not only met but exceeded the company’s financial goals. Anyone who’s ever had to throw one knows how rare it is that one can actually say that. So, my congratulations to Josh and everyone at Impetuous.

By the way: I’ll be seeing The Chronological Secrets of Tim over the weekend. Stay tuned for my review.


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